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Passage: music for solo harp is now available!

My new CD Passage: music for solo harp is now available both as a digital download and as a physical CD.
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I'm going to be blogging about the music on the CD (which includes three of my own original compositions). You can find that, plus listen to sound clips at www.joshlayne.com/passage

Harp Tuesday and Skype Lessons

In November of 2010 I started a bi-weekly video series on YouTube all about playing the harp.  Topics I've covered range from "your first harp lesson" to in-depth looks at recital repertoire.  I have a blast doing it, and I invite you to take a look at the archive.

Doing the Harp Tuesday series has led to teaching lessons over the internet via Skype, which is great fun.  It can sometimes be hard to find a harp teacher in your area, and Skype lessons solve that problem!  If you're interested please visit my lessons page.

Recordings and Compositions

Explore my recordings and compositions/sheet music

The Arranging Greensleeves Project is complete!  Buy the single (mp3) for $1, or a PDF of the sheet music AND the recording for $3! My two most recent blog posts:

More live-stream details: (Nov. 30th)

As I mentioned in my last post, to celebrate 4 years of Harp Tuesday I’m going to live-stream a concert for you! The concert will start at 11am Pacific Standard Time on Nov. 30th.  That’s 2pm EST, 7pm GMT, etc.  … Continue reading

I will be live-streaming a concert on YouTube this Sunday (Nov. 30th)

To celebrate 4 years of Harp Tuesday (to the day!) I will be live-streaming a short concert on Sunday, Nov. 30th at 2pm 11am (note changed time) Pacific Standard Time.  This will be my first attempt at live-streaming – I’m excited!  … Continue reading