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In the winter of 2005 I wrote my first full length harp composition - Passage.  It was later chosen for performance at the Sonic Boom festival of new music in Vancouver.  I've done a 2-part in-depth look at Passage as part of my Harp Tuesday YouTube series, along with a music video.

In 2007 I finished and premiered Rhapsody, another work for solo harp.  Rhapsody was also later chosen to be performed at Sonic Boom.

Recently I've written a piece for harp and double bass called Cotton Butterfly and, for solo harp, Fantasy on Greensleeves.  Other projects in various states of completion are a musical, a work for harp and choir, and a symphony.

I often think of composing as being somewhat akin to painting - splashing different musical colours around (what fun!).  I'm particularly drawn to exploring harmonic structure. 

You can currently buy the sheet music to Passage, Fantasy on Greensleeves, and Poem for solo harp as PDF downloads.

Watch and listen!

Passage music video - with footage from various ferry "passages" around Victoria, BC:

Fantasy on Greensleeves music video - had a lot of fun putting this together!

Watch a 5 part video series about the process of composing Fantasy on Greensleeves - The Arranging Greensleeves Project!

The Arranging Greensleeves Project is complete!  Buy the single (mp3) for $1, or a PDF of the sheet music AND the recording for $3!

Buy a PDF of Passage for $5

The premiere of Cotton Butterfly:

A live performance of Rhapsody