The Arranging Greensleeves Project

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The Story:

I do a video series called Harp Tuesday about various aspects of playing the harp.  I'm always looking for ideas for new episodes.  (Got one?  Email me!

In the fall of 2011 I asked for suggestions on a harp email list, and one of the ideas was to take a song and do a series about arranging it.  (Thanks, Biagio!)

This would give me a chance to talk about things like chord structure and other basic theory concepts, look at some ways to approach arranging a piece, etc.  Seemed like a good idea! 

I choose Greensleeves as the piece - it's something I've always liked, and it's a piece that most people know - perfect!  In January of 2012 I uploaded the first video in the newly dubbed Arranging Greensleeves Project.

This first video was kind of interesting, as it was a real time look at me composing/arranging.  Further videos followed, though these were shorter and just detailed what I'd done and some of the reasons behind it.

Eventually I ended up with a six and a half minute piece that I've called Fantasy on Greensleeves. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!

The Music Video:

Buy the mp3!

Love the video and want a copy of the recording all your own? 

You can download the mp3 for $1   -  or even better you can  ---
Buy the sheet music (and mp3)!

For $3 you get the mp3 of Greensleeves plus three versions of the sheet music! 

You get the full Fantasy on Greensleeves, an easier version (without the last variation and cadenza), and a version for lever harp.

Available as PDF downloads.  View the first page of the pedal harp or lever harp versions.

The Harp Tuesday videos:

I introduce the project, and compose/arrange the intro and theme in real-time on camera
A look at the first two variations
The next two variations
The last variation, cadenza, and coda
Closing thoughts

Musings on creating/composing