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A bi-weekly video series about the harp

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In November of 2010 I uploaded the first episode of "Harp Tuesday", a video series where I get to burble on about various aspects of playing the harp.

I've since covered topics ranging from "your first harp lesson" to in-depth looks at advanced works such as Faure's Impromptu.  And I continue to produce episodes, with no plan of stopping!
One of my favourite episodes:
Nerves and performance anxiety - being at your best while performing.  This episode celebrated one year of Harp Tuesdays!

Harp Tuesday is generally recorded every two weeks and will show up on my YouTube channel late Tuesday/early Wednesday.  Subscribe to my channel and/or blog to be notified when a new episode is online.

I'm always looking for suggestions for new topics - got something you'd like me to cover?  Let me know!
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Click the button below to view a chronological list of Harp Tuesday episodes:


You can view a chronological list of Harp Tuesday episodes on the left, but I've also tried to organize episodes into useful groupings - click the show button under the group's description to see a list of episodes, as well as a link to a YouTube playlist of all the episodes from that group.

Basics!  These videos will get you started playing the harp, and keep you occupied for awhile after!

Fundamentals/technique! Glisses, rolled/broken chords, trills, and more.

In-depth looks!  My very first episode was an in-depth look at Britten's Ceremony of Carols, and I love talking about some of the things I'll think about and do when learning/practicing a piece.

Miscellaneous.  Not to be left out, here are the episodes that aren't in any of the above groups.

The Arranging Greensleeves Project is complete!

A 5-part Harp Tuesday series about arranging a piece (Greensleeves) in a theme and variations style.

Buy the single (mp3) for $1, or a PDF of the sheet music AND the recording for $3!

Skype Lessons

Doing the Harp Tuesday series has led to teaching lessons over the internet via Skype.  It works quite well, and if you're looking for some guidance or coaching I'd love to help you!