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Passage: music for solo harp is now available!

My new CD Passage: music for solo harp is now available both as a digital download and as a physical CD.
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My two most recent blog posts:

Harp Tuesday episode 193 and 194!

Episode 193 was a look at the system I use to indicate lever changes easily and clearly in Finale. Lever changes can pose a bit of challenge to show exactly which lever is to be changed. Even if you work … Continue reading

This week’s Harp Tuesday episode! (Harmonics+Chords)

How to play a left hand chord with a harmonic on top. I talk about the various chords+harmonics in Godefroid’s take on “The Last Rose of Summer”. The pedal harp sheet music can be found at https://archive.org/details/ladernirerosedtm00gode/page/2/mode/2up I’ve arranged it … Continue reading

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New Publication! Handel's "Harmonious Blacksmith"

Arranged for lever (or pedal) harp

July 26, 2019

A project two years in the making - my transcription of Handel's Harmonious Blacksmith!

This arrangement was born out of a desire to make this piece playable on the lever harp. I did and am very happy with how it turned out. Also included in the 26 page PDF are TWO versions for pedal harp. Learn more and buy the sheet music at my online store.

1 Million Views celebration - watch the archive

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Harp Tuesday and Skype Lessons

In November of 2010 I started a bi-weekly video series on YouTube all about playing the harp. Eight years, 1 million views, and 160+ episodes later and Harp Tuesday is the premier freely available resource for learning the harp on the web today. Topics I've covered range from "your first harp lesson" to in-depth looks at recital repertoire. I invite you to browse the episode archive at www.harptuesday.com

Doing the Harp Tuesday series has led to teaching lessons over the internet via Skype. If you're interested please visit my lessons page.

Recordings and Compositions

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The Arranging Greensleeves Project is complete!  Buy the sheet music!