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  • First photos from Australia

    First photos from Australia

    I’m in Australia! It was quite a journey to get here (25 hours from my first flight to landing in Adelaide) but I’m feeling pretty rested and loving the summer warmth. Spent a wonderful day yesterday at a nature park, photos below. Now getting ready for the first of two Adelaide area concerts tomorrow!

  • Hiking through Slovenia

    Hiking through Slovenia

    Catching up on photos from my European trip! After spending the weekend in Koper it was on to Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia. I ended up staying here a little over two weeks. I was able to practice on harps at the university, and got to meet some of the many harpists in Slovenia, including…

  • First taste of Slovenia

    First taste of Slovenia

    From Milan I took a long train and bus ride to Koper, Slovenia. Koper is a beautiful coastal city next to Trieste. I particularly loved hanging out at a salt marsh nature park, filled with Egrets: (Not an egret, of course) A couple images of Koper: I did a Harp Tuesday weekends session here and…

  • Memories of Italy!

    Memories of Italy!

    Catching up with some photos. (Check out this post first, if you haven’t already). A stormy day along the Cilento coast Rome: Another look at the location where “Calanais” was filmed last year. Thanks to Elisa Greco, who helped film the episode and this year set up my earlier concert in Cilento and helped film…

  • A weekend of workshops in Lindau, Germany, plus a live-stream concert!

    If you’re near Lindau, Germany, come spend some time with me this coming weekend, September 30th, 2023. I’m doing a full day Saturday workshop and a half day workshop on Sunday – details here. And Friday, Sept 29, I’m performing a special duet concert with Lena Rummel which will be live-streamed so that you can…

  • Concert today in Milan, Thursday, Sep. 7, 2023

    Concert today in Milan, Thursday, Sep. 7, 2023

    RSVP to Thanks to Adriano Sangineto for setting this up! (Check out my instagram for a clip of an improv session with the two of us).

  • Harp Tuesday Weekends AND Season 5 of Harpist in the Wild start today!

    Harp Tuesday Weekends AND Season 5 of Harpist in the Wild start today!

    Hello from Rome! A busy day today, with the September sessions of Harp Tuesday Weekends starting in a little under 6 hours from now, plus the launch of Season 5 of Harpist in the Wild! Arpeggios and Bach There’s still time to join in for Harp Tuesday Weekends, with four 1 hour sessions every Saturday,…

  • Some photos from Italy

    I just posted some photos from Italy to my Patreon (viewable by anyone).