East Coast Adventures!

Hi all,

I’m excited about an upcoming trip to the East coast of the USA. First, I’ll be attending the Somerset harp festival. This is a 4 day (July 21-24th) celebration of the folk harp, with tons of workshops and concerts. If you’re attending, lets connect!

From there, after spending a little time in NYC I have a workshop plus a concert in upper New York state on Tuesday, July 26th. Presented by the Central New York State chapter of the American harp society, the workshop starts at 4pm and I’ll cover fingering, scales, and phrasing/dynamics. The concert will follow at 7pm. Email Sherj to reserve your spot in the workshop, or just show up for the concert!


Then I have a few free days before I make my way towards Philadelphia – do you live in NY, NJ, or MA and are interested in setting up a last minute house concert or workshop? Send me an email!

On Sunday, July 31st I’ll be performing outside of Philadelphia at St. Andrew’s church, 27 Kresson-Gibbsboro Road, Gibbsboro, New Jersey (organized by one of my Skype students!)


And finally I’ll be spending August 1 and 2 in Chicago, visiting Lyon and Healy. If you’re in Chicago and want to hang out, let me know!

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