Memories of Italy!

Catching up with some photos. (Check out this post first, if you haven’t already).

A stormy day along the Cilento coast


Another look at the location where “Calanais” was filmed last year.

Thanks to Elisa Greco, who helped film the episode and this year set up my earlier concert in Cilento and helped film another Harpist in the Wild day in Rome.

Filming near an ancient aqueduct:

(Photo credit Elisa Greco)

And downtown Rome:

(Photo credit Elisa Greco)

Then it was on to Milan and nearby Monza, to visit Adriano Sangineto. I got to meet him and Ensemble Sangineto in New Zealand earlier this year, and Adriano invited me to come visit, and set up a concert at the Salvi Showroom in Milan. We also filmed a Harpist in the Wild improv session.

Some photos in and around Milan and Monza:

Post concert at the Salvi Showroom:

I posted a short clip from the concert:

From Milan, a long trip to Koper – next up, photos from Slovenia!