New Zealand Harp Fest and Tour, 2023

I’m teaching and performing at Harp Fest, New Zealand, Feb. 3-6 and touring both the North and South Islands. I’ll continue to update this page with all the latest details!

Tour Schedule:

Feb. 2 – Auckland – Lewis Eady Showroom. 7:30pm Solo Concert

Feb. 3-6 Auckland – Harp Fest NZ. More info 3 workshops

Feb. 11 – Christchurch – Nut Point Centre. 7:30pm. Solo Concert

Feb. 14 – Ruby Bay – Ruby Bay Store. 7:30pm Solo Concert (lever harp)

Feb. 26 – Otorohanga – St. Bride’s Church. 2:30pm. Solo Concert. Tickets at the door. This concert will also be live-streamedtickets and info here.

March 1 – New Plymouth – 4th Wall Theatre. 7:30pm. Solo Concert

March 3 – Whakatāne – St George & St John church. 7:30pm. Solo Concert

March 5 – Thames – St. Georges Church. 2 pm. Solo Concert

Concert Program*:

La Danse des Sylphes

Le Jardin Mouillé

Organ Sonata No. 4

Baroque Flamenco


Passage (2005)

Piano Sonata No. 23 (“Appassionata”)
Andante con moto

The Moldau


Jacques de la Presle

J.S. Bach
arr. Stradal/Layne

Deborah Henson-Conant
(1953- )

Josh Layne
(1977- )

arr. Josh Layne

arr. Hans Trneček
*subject to change. Feb. 14th concert is a special valentine’s day concert on lever harp, with music by Bach, Chopin, Deborah Henson-Conant, Layne, and more

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Happy New Year, 2023!

As has become my tradition, I recorded a short improvisation to welcome in the new year! I hope you enjoy :)

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Online concert, Dec. 18th! (Plus a new book and more).

So many things to catch up on! Lets start with a concert – I’m doing a live-stream holiday concert this coming Sunday, December 18th, 2022. 1pm PST, 4 pm EST, 10pm CET. Tickets $8 CND. Details here.

I’ve also released a new book of transcriptions for lever harp! More here.

And season 4 of Harpist in the Wild is underway! Here’s the music video from the first episode:

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World Harp Congress, 2022 – UK adventures, part 3

It’s been an intensely packed last few weeks, lets try and get caught up! I’m writing this in the Leonardo da Vinci Airport, getting ready to fly to Croatia after 10 days in Italy. When I last wrote I was on the train to Cardiff, Wales, going to the World Harp Congress…

Just arrived at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, the main hub of the congress

The WHC is a once-every-three-years (normally!) gathering and extravaganza of harpists from all over the world. Six days of events in Cardiff, plus of course a vendor hall to take in (so many harps to try!). Weeks like this are always a little tricky, because there’s so much to hear, but it’s also easy for one’s ears and brain to get a bit exhausted with so much music!

I was there to perform the world premiere of my arrangement for septet (string quartet + clarinet and flute) of Bochsa’s Harp Concerto No. 1 in D minor. More on that here, but it’s been a longtime dream of mine to track down the music for this concerto and perform it.

My performance was part of the penultimate concert of the congress before the closing party/concert. Which of course meant that it was a large part of my focus throughout the congress – there’s an advantage to performing early in the week :)

In the end, it was a success! Only one rehearsal with the septet, which was a bit stressful as this was the first playing of my arrangement, but it all sounded as I hoped/expected. So happy to have achieved this “bucket list” performance. And I look forward to further performances of the concerto, whether as a septet or in its fully orchestrated original format!

One of the most interesting items in the exhibit hall was harp-e. I’d read about this a year or two ago via the Dutch Harp Festival, and it was really cool to see it in person.

I ended up doing a Harp Tuesday interview episode with Joris Beets, the inventor of harp-e. Take a watch here:

So much else going on during the week – here are a few photos.

Was a jam-packed week (with beautiful weather – low 20s). I then spent 3 days in London to explore a bit (and rest and recover) before boarding a flight to Italy! More on that next time…



(PS I loved getting a chance to hear in-person from so many of you at the congress who have found Harp Tuesday useful – thank you!)

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New Music Video (Baroque Flamenco) plus a Harp Tuesday episode on a self assembled electric harp!

A live performance of Deborah Henson- Conant’s wild and wonderful Baroque Flamenco! Recorded July 16th, 2022 in Wickham Market, UK.

Want to play Baroque Flamenco? Buy the sheet music at Deborah’s website (includes versions for small, medium, and large sized harps!)

Joris Beets was kind enough to take some time to chat with me at the World Harp Congress about his newest invention – Harp-E!

Lots more info about this harp at And the Harp-E channel:

Support from my patrons helped make both these this videos possible – if you would like to help support future videos you can become a patron at Get free sheet music and stay up-to-date on what I’m doing by signing up to my email newsletter at

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UK Adventures, Part 2

When I last wrote I’d just arrived in the UK. Since then I’ve spent a week in Suffolk, starting with a solo concert in Wickham Market on Saturday, July 16th. It was a real joy to perform again in front of a live audience. I’ll post some clips from the concert soon, but you can see me smiling away as I play :)

Then a heat wave hit, really quite brutal in some parts of the country. Fortunately where I was didn’t have it quite as bad as some parts of the UK, but at 33 degrees or so was plenty hot enough! Reminded me of the “heat dome” that affected BC last year (and caused quite a lot of deaths and forest fires…)

In this case the heat wave only lasted for about two days, and on the first day it even cooled down enough in the evening to do a bit of Harpist in the Wild adventuring – playing in front of 12th Century castle as the sun was setting!

A couple days later a morning adventure to film another episode. A spot of rain helped cool things down, and this time the location was under an oak tree by ferns and marsh grass…

And finally, an Arthur Ransome adventure! Arthur Ransome’s We Didn’t Mean to go to Sea is one of my all-time favourite books and I still re-read it every few years. In the book, a boat and four children go adrift and ends up floating out to sea (read the rest for more). The book starts with a journey from Pin Mill down to Shotley Gate and Felixstowe. My host in the Suffolks planned out a wonderful adventure following that path, with a walk along the river from Pin Mill to Shotley, and then a ferry across to Harwich and Felixstowe.

The weather was overcast and cool, with a wonderful breeze, perfect! A fantastic way to end my stay in Suffolk.

As I write this I’m on a train to Cardiff, Wales, headed to the World Harp Congress. Look for more blog posts soon!



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UK adventures, part 1

July 12, 2022

And I’m off! Off on a big adventure. I’m planning to spend my summer and fall in Europe – something that was originally scheduled for 2020… :) Hoping that it all goes smoothly and excited to travel, perform, meet old friends and make new ones!

(at the airport in Victoria)

My first stop is the UK, where I’ll be in Suffolk for a week and then on to Cardiff, Wales for the World Harp Congress!

Coming from the West Coast of Canada, I’m flying Victoria to Vancouver, a very short flight, and then a 9 hour overnight flight from Vancouver to London. Hoping that the flights go smoothly without too many delays… :)

(at the airport in Vancouver)

And in fact things all went pretty smoothly. A bit of a delay on both flights, but arrived at Heathrow only about 30 minutes late, with my luggage safely with me :)

(Paddington Station! Hanging out with Paddington bear)

Then a brief stay in London, including a walk through Kensington gardens, complete with some bird photography, before an early night to try and tackle jet lag.

Now as I write this I’m on a train to Suffolk, where I’ll be performing in Wickham Market on Saturday! So far, so good :) More later!



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Solo concert in Suffolk, UK. July 16th, 2022

I’m headed to Cardiff, Wales, to perform at the World Harp Congress this July, but before I do that I will be giving a solo concert in Wickham Market in Suffolk! See you there :)

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