Rio Harp Festival – day 4

Thursday was my last day of performing, with a 2pm concert at the Justiça Federal Cultural Centre.

Here’s a view from the van window on the way to the concert:









IMG_6048(photo credits Tatiana Lima Castro)

I have some video footage of the concert and will post that soon!

After the concert festival organizer Sergio da Costa e Silva presents me with some gifts, including a certificate of participation:


Due to limited seating and lots of demand, Sergio invites me to come back and do one last short concert in the evening.

After the concert I head to Vanja‘s place to teach a masterclass.

(Hanging out with Rio harpists plus Sasha Boldachev)IMG_6077

Then back to the Justiça Federal for one last concert!  I feel like doing something different, so I borrow the music for The Moldau from Vanja and decide to give it a go…   I know The Moldau extremely well, but it’s been probably 3 years since I played it, so was exciting… kind of like jumping off a cliff and trusting that your parachute is really going to work :)

All goes well, and then back to Vanja’s to party – it’s harp technician (and Sugar Loaf climbing buddy) Rodrigo’s Birthday!



A great end to the day!

Tomorrow – rain :(

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