Rio Harp Festival – getting there + day 1

I’m performing at the 2013 Rio Harp Festival.  My first time to South America; I’m going to be blogging about my experiences, starting with my loooong day of travel :)

At the airport in Victoria

Here I am waiting at the airport in Victoria at 7:30 am on Sunday, May 12.  From Victoria I flew to Calgary, from Calgary I flew to Newark, from Newark I flew to Sao Paulo, and from Sao Paulo I flew to Rio…  Arriving at around 11:30 am the next day – or 7:30 am in Victoria time…

A long trip!

Was picked up by some of the nice people at Musica No Museu and taken to my hotel – here’s a view from my balcony:


After a nap I met with my friend Tatiana and was taken out to dinner, meeting up with Tatiana’s harp teacher, Vanja Ferreira.  (Didn’t remember to take a picture).  And then back to the hotel to sleep some more :)

Coming up, day 2!  Hiking sugerloaf + performing

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