São Paulo, day 1/Brazil trip day 6 (2013)

(As I prepare to travel to Rio again for the Rio Harp Festival I realized I’d never finished my blog about last year’s experience…  Well, better late than never! :) I had a half-written post about day 5 that I’ve just finished, and I’ve also written about my visit to São Paulo, here, and here)

After very little sleep I was up bright and early to prepare for a concert/masterclass at the State Music School of São Paulo.  A day of harp events had been organized, and I led things off with a short concert, followed by a masterclass:

(Photo credits to Talita Martins)

And then Peter (Sole‘s husband), who is the assistant principal violist with the São Paulo Symphony, had obtained tickets for the concert that day.  Got a chance to marvel at the venue – a converted railway station, with spectacular wood paneling, seats, etc. (these photos don’t really do it justice) and wonderful acoustics.

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