Signups are now open for the September Harp Tuesday Weekends sessions.

Four Saturdays, Sep 2- 23. I’ll be doing these sessions “on-the-road”, so to speak, from Europe! The sessions will include a focus on arpeggios and on learning a piece by Bach. I hope you can join in – sign-up here.

Europe update:

I landed in Rome yesterday after a full day of travel – the start of my fall 2023 European adventures!

I’ve just updated my website with info about a full day workshop on October 14th in Werne, Germany plus a couple of concerts on Oct 13 and 15. Futher additions to my calendar coming soon :)

Season 5 of Harpist in the Wild launches September 2!

I’m so excited to finally start releasing the footage I recorded on my travels earlier this year.

The first episode of season 5 will be published on YouTube on Saturday, September 2, with weekly videos following.

This season was filmed during my time in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. There will be nine episodes – in chronological order as they were filmed (New Zealand, Australia, Australia/Tasmania, Japan) save for the very first episode, which will feature my composition Forgotten Summer and which was filmed in Australia.

I can’t wait to share – I hope you’ll enjoy this season!

That’s all for now – thanks as always for reading and I will write again soon.


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