Sunday Spotlight for April 26th, 2015

Welcome to today’s Sunday Spotlight!  For this week, I’m going to be rather self indulgent and post three links about me… :)

Earth Day was April 22nd, and I was reminded that last year, in an early Earth Day concert, Paula Kifner and I premiered the cello and harp version of my composition Cotton Butterfly:

I’m a big fan of Dutch harpist and composer Anne Vanschothorst’s music book A Bird Came Flying – five original solos for harp.  I’ve used it with many of my students, as well as performing several of the pieces.  Here’s a link to the audio from a live performance from a couple years ago of the title piece (A Bird Came Flying) plus I Feel Different –

Anne is about to publish a new music book – can’t wait to play it!

And finally, I’m performing a concert here in Victoria this coming Sunday (May 3rd) and I sat down with the concert organizer for an interview which you might enjoy reading –

Ok, next week we’re back to non-Josh related links :)