The “arranging Greensleeves project” is finished!

This is something I started back in January – taking a familiar tune (Greensleeves), arranging it, and talking about the process on video as part of my Harp Tuesday series.  I finished the piece quite awhile ago, but it’s taken a long time to do a bunch of the things I wanted to do before finishing the project.

That included entering it into Finale so that I could make the sheet music available, doing a version for lever harp, and an easier version with the 5th, “fast” variation and cadenza.

Also, of course, wanted to record the piece and do a music video.  The music video was great fun, but took a lot longer than I thought it would, as I gradually become familiar with Lightworks (powerful and free video editing software, but not always very intuitive).

It’s all done now, though!  I’m excited to share the music video, and to offer the PDF sheet music and MP3 recording for sale.  Go to for the full scoop!

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