music for solo harp

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Passage is my newest CD (my first since 2001!).

It features three of my own compositions, plus two of my transcriptions. I'm very pleased with how the recording turned out!

I will soon have a bunch more information on here, including blog posts on each of the pieces on the CD. Here's the introductory post: "Passage: music for solo harp has been a long time coming. I recorded ..." (read more)

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Available as a digital download (mp3) for $8.99 or on iTunes, or as a physical copy for $15.99+ shipping:

Please enjoy!

The CD features the following works:

Josh Layne - Passage
Renié - Légende
Beethoven - Andante from Piano Sonata No. 23
Josh Layne - Rhapsody
Fauré - Impromptu
J.S. Bach - Partita No. 1 in B flat
Josh Layne - Poem for solo harp

Total playing time is 59:59


If the player isn't working for you, here are direct links to the mp3 clips:


Bach - Praeludium
Bach - Allemande
Bach - Courante
Bach - Sarabande
Bach - Minuet I
Bach - Minuet II
Bach - Gigue

Poem for solo harp