School Concerts:


Josh Layne is a hit with school audiences!

"Thank you for your outstanding performance... you provided us with such interesting and important information about the harp, and interspersed this with a wide variety of beautiful musical selections.  You 'captured' everyone's attention throughout your presentation.  You are truly a very talented musician."
   Joan Hollick, Principal, Fairburn Elementary

Give your students an opportunity to learn about one of the oldest instruments in the world – the harp.  “World class performer”, harpist Josh Layne offers a compelling presentation about this uncommon instrument.  Josh performs music from a wide variety of genres and time periods - from Classical to Celtic to Pop - and talks about the history of the harp.  Did you know that pictures of harps have been found in Egypt that are over 4000 years old and yet the form of the modern pedal harp has only been around for about 300 years? Or the fact that the pedal harp has seven pedals at its base to control the pitch of the strings?

Josh is an entertaining and informative speaker but it’s his playing that tends to steal the show.  Students say: "Our entire class enjoyed your amazing harp music. ... Your performance was wonderful.  I especially liked Somewhere Over the Rainbow, that was great. ... Your playing was just fantastic. ...  Please come again soon and play for us again! ... Someday I hope that I can play the piano as good as you play the harp.  I will always remember the sound of your harp. ...  The music made me feel great inside."

A typical program will include music from the various classical periods (with discussion of the role that the harp played in music of the time), a medley of Celtic pieces, and several pop tunes that will be familiar to students.  Highlights include Song in the Night, a piece that shows off some of the more unusual and “weird” sounds that can be produced on the harp, and a showpiece such as a shortened version of Smetana’s The Moldau.  A question and answer period can follow the concert.

Concert are 30-45 minutes long.  Josh is happy to answer questions afterwards.  

Study Guide!  Coming soon.

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