The Skye Boat Song arranged by Josh Layne – downloadable sheet music (PDF)

USD $4.50

My arrangement of The Skye Boat Song for pedal or 34 string lever harp. Key of G, no lever or pedal changes required.



In 2012 I did a series of Harp Tuesday episodes looking at how to arrange a song. That turned into my Arranging Greensleeves Project and I’m quite proud of that resulting composition.

In 2018 I felt the time had to come to revisit that format and I embarked on another Harp Tuesday series about creating and arrangement – in this case, The Skye Boat Song.

Skye Boat Song has some vivid words and imagery and I tried to capture some of that in this arrangement. I’m very happy with how it turned out. One of my goals was for it to be both easy and satisfying to play and I think I largely succeeded. The difficulty level is roughly advanced-beginner or intermediate. The arrangement is for a 34 string harp in the key of G with no lever changes required.

The 6 page PDF includes fingerings, lyrics, and performances notes. I hope you enjoy playing this arrangement as much as I enjoyed creating it!