The Arranging Greensleeves Project

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The Story:

I do a video series called Harp Tuesday about various aspects of playing the harp.  I'm always looking for ideas for new episodes.  (Got one?  Email me!

In the fall of 2011 I asked for suggestions on a harp email list, and one of the ideas was to take a song and do a series about arranging it.  (Thanks, Biagio!)

This would give me a chance to talk about things like chord structure and other basic theory concepts, look at some ways to approach arranging a piece, etc.  Seemed like a good idea! 

I choose Greensleeves as the piece - it's something I've always liked, and it's a piece that most people know - perfect!  In January of 2012 I uploaded the first video in the newly dubbed Arranging Greensleeves Project.

This first video was kind of interesting, as it was a real time look at me composing/arranging.  Further videos followed, though these were shorter and just detailed what I'd done and some of the reasons behind it.

Eventually I ended up with a six and a half minute piece that I've called Fantasy on Greensleeves. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!

The Music Video:

Buy the sheet music (and mp3)!

For $13 CND you get the mp3 of Greensleeves plus three versions of the sheet music! 

You get the full Fantasy on Greensleeves, an easier version (without the last variation and cadenza), and a version for lever harp.

Available as PDF downloads.  View the first page of the pedal harp or lever harp versions.

The Harp Tuesday videos:

I introduce the project, and compose/arrange the intro and theme in real-time on camera
A look at the first two variations
The next two variations
The last variation, cadenza, and coda
Closing thoughts

Musings on creating/composing