Nordic Spaces

An original composition by Josh Layne

For lever or pedal harp

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Nordic Spaces attempts to capture my idea of a far north landscape. Vast, wide open expanses, snow on the ground, perhaps illuminated by the moon. Silence, save for some creaking and moving of the snow and a little wind... Or later, perhaps, some falling snow. And above all, a sense of calm and space...

Sheet music is available at my online store ($7 CND). For pedal or 34+string lever harp. Key of E-flat, no lever or pedal changes. Intermediate difficulty level, with the chief difficulty being a section which includes many bars such as this:

Nordic Spaces includes some "special effects" or "extended technique". The sheet music explains them with text and photos. You can also watch the videos below for demonstrating of each effect/technique.


"Whistling Sounds":

Glissing on the tuning pins and between the tuning pins and bridge pins:

One-handed "xylophonic" sounds:

Two octave, and two and a 3rd octave, harmonics (see also Harp Tuesday, episode 155):