Workshops and Masterclasses
with Josh Layne

Email me if you're interested in having me come to teach at your event, school, or harp group!


Outline: a standard masterclass-style format. Participants sign up ahead of time to perform, with time slots ranging from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the length of piece or pieces and level of the performer.  They receive specific advice and suggestions on ways to improve and polish the music, as well as potentially overall tips and advice. 

Number of active participants is limited by the available time. Any number of people can attend simply to observe. Typically there is a small fee as an observer, and a larger fee as an active participant. 

Length: This can vary depending on demand, but might range from 90 minutes to 4 hours. 

Level: Active participants - generally at least intermediate level, but most important is to comfortable enough to be able to give a good performance. Observers - any level. 

Harp required? Active participants: yes (unless provided by the organizers).

Toubleshooting with Josh

Outline: Participants may sign up ahead of time to get a 10 minute slot during the workshop to have hands-on instruction and help on anything they wish - from polishing a piece, to working on technique, or a specific passage or pattern. Similar to a masterclass, the benefit of this workshop comes not only from potentially getting some hands-on feedback yourself, but also from observing and hearing the advice and help given to others.

Length: 90 minutes (9 active participants).

Level: Any level.

Harp required? Active participants: yes (unless provided by the organizers).