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Masterworks for Harp
is Josh Layne's most recent recording of solo harp music.  The first two pieces on the CD (the Bach and the Rodrigo) are Josh's own transcriptions.  They are followed by American composer Michael Mauldin's Birds in Winter and Canadian composer Marjan Mozetich's Songs of Nymphs.

Mozetich says, 
"I must applaud you on doing a marvelous job on the recording, especially the Songs of Nymphs.  The Bach is quite a challenge but you make it work on the harp.  The Rodrigo is utterly captivating.  It sounds as if it was written for the harp (mind you the guitar is also a plucked instrument).  The Mauldin Preludes are very evocative, each having it's own distinct character.  They make the harp speak well.  As for the Songs of Nymphs, you perform them with an exuberance that befits their bravura nature, and yet there is no lack of sensitivity and nuance to
the more reflective sections." 

Mauldin says,
"I've listened several times to [your] new CD, and I enjoy it very much.  I think the Bach is actually my favorite thing on the album.  It is so wonderful, and beautifully played and felt.  I also like the Songs of Nymphs - lovely writing and playing!  Thanks for including Birds in Winter and for performing it so well."

From the CD liner notes: 

"I love to play Bach.  JS Bach never actually wrote anything for the harp (the harp was not a very advanced instrument in Bach's time), so I rely on transcriptions.  Now that I've played most of the transcriptions available for the harp, I've begun to do my own. 

I chose the Partita No. 4 because ..."

Read the rest of the notes here.

Masterworks for Harp
Josh Layne, pedal harp

CD $21.45

Track Listing:

J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Partita No. 4 in D Major 
  Ouverture 5:40 
  Allemande 6:07
  Courante 2:03
  Aria  2:11
  Sarabande 4:11
  Menuet 2:09
  Gigue 2:21
trans. Josh Layne

Rodrigo (1901-1999) 
Concierto de Aranjuez 
Adagio 11:48 
trans. Josh Layne

Michael Mauldin (1947-)
Birds in Winter -
Six preludes for harp (1989)
   I  1:16 
   II  1:50
   III  2:01
   IV  3:11
   V  1:30
   VI  1:19

Marjan Mozetich (1948-)
Songs of Nymphs (1987) 
   Prelude 2:14 (YouTube video)
   Reflection 3:32
   Ritual 3:11  (YouTube video)
   Freedom 4:43

Total playing time 61:17

Released October 2001


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